An example of the work we provide for fast-growing, direct-to-consumer companies:

  • A comprehensive event data pipeline connects every data generating system and customer touchpoint to a central single customer view. Covering web, customer marketing, acquisition, financial, customer experience and more.

  • A suite of fully interactive, self-serve dashboards covers everything that happens at the company.

  • Every decision, whether it is strategic, member-based, financial, marketing-related or operational, is supported by rich data and by the data team operating as an internal service.

  • A fully integrated data team maintains the pipeline and the data models running on top of it, and is able to concentrate on delivering deep, actionable insight (rather than just producing dashboards).

  • Customers are understood at a level that makes it possible to predict customer lifetime value, churn behaviour and long-term trends — and segment members into different clusters.

  • Customer experience is personalised through real-time data leading to increased revenue and happier customers.

Long term business strategy runs hand-in-hand with an evolving data strategy ensuring that growth is sustainable and maintained.

Have a look at our clients page to see some examples of the companies we work with.