Tasman has been running analytics projects for some of the fastest growing consumer brands in the European tech landscape. Our manifesto:

  • We deliver world-class analytics systems for direct-to-consumer companies.

  • We own and drive the data strategy as well as the execution, delivering a seamless end-to-end experience.

  • We focus on delivering long-term scalable infrastructure, rather than short-term fixes.

  • We work in sprints to deliver value quickly and to stay aligned to evolving business requirements.

  • We are deeply experienced in implementing event-driven analytics and reporting on mobile, web and server-side platforms.

We believe analytics is so crucial to every business that it should be owned by the client as soon as possible:

  • This is why we also help the client recruit their own data team, which we help onboard.

  • With our experience and deep knowledge of the analytics ecosystem, we believe this way of working gets the internal data team to add value significantly faster.